DIRECTOR SEASON: Guillermo del Toro


I firstly have to apologise for the delay in returning to this series. With the staggering amount of University deadlines and a hectic festive season, I’m now ready to kick-start another month filled with exciting films to watch. This month is dedicated to Guillermo del Toro, a visionary whose works I’ve been dying to eat-up since I started this segment.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. These are the films from Guillermo del Toro that I’ve seen already, although I will be aiming to revisit them during this month:

  • Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
  • Hellboy (2004)
  • Blade II (2002).

And here are the films that I aim to watch this month:

  • Cronos (1993)
  • Mimic (1997)
  • The Devil’s Backbone (2001)
  • Hellboy II (2008)
  • Pacific Rim (2013)
  • Crimson Peak (2015)
  • The Shape of Water (2017)

Which of these films should I watch first? Be sure to let me know!


Previously unseen films that I’ve seen this month:

Check back at the end of the month to see if I’ve watched all of del Toro’s films!

My Top 5 Guillermo del Toro films:

Come back at the end of the month to see my top 5 Guillermo del Toro films!


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