The Monster


Year: 2018
Directed by: Bryan Bertino
Starring: Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine

Written by Corey Hughes

Bryan Bertino’s third directorial outing finds the director in the familiar territory of the horror genre, following his previous two projects – The Strangers and Mockingbird – to bring us The Monster; an endearing, albeit flawed, family drama set within the framework of a claustrophobic creature-feature.

Bertino’s debut feature The Strangers was everything I wanted in a home-invasion horror flick; an unsettling, atmospheric thriller that expertly tapped into fears of claustrophobic vulnerability in a completely unique and spine-chilling way. The initial promise of the up-and-coming horror director slowly diminished with his second project, Mockingbird, an underwhelming take on the found-footage genre that was left largely unseen by general audiences.

The Monster, which is finally reaching UK audiences with its release on DVD and digital this month after premiering in the…

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