About the Author

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a love for film. Sitting in a dark and cosy cinema screen absorbing whatever is being projected onto the big screen is something I’ve always cherished, and something that I will always admire.

I never really felt the need to write about films until I began my time at university. Studying film has only strengthened my love for movies and surprisingly opened my eyes to how wonderful films can be. For me, there’s so much more to a film than just its entertainment value. A film’s production, marketing and on-screen experience all go hand-in-hand to create one phenomenal experience for an audience, and there’s no better way to appreciate this art form than to write up my thoughts on a particular film.

Simply put: I do this because I enjoy it. I create no income whatsoever for the time I put into these reviews, and to be entirely honest, that’s not a priority for me. I just love films. That’s it. Of course, I’d love a career in doing something that I absolutely adore, and if this propels me into that direction then so be it – but this blog was not made for that purpose. I just hope you enjoy reading.

Many thanks,

Twitter: @MovieDecode



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