Corey’s First Time!

It’s impossible to watch EVERY film that has ever been made, but there are a select few that devoted film fans really should have seen by now. Introducing the ‘shame-list’, something that all cinephiles have, but hate to admit: a catalogue of well-renowned films that they just haven’t got round to watching just yet.

Mine is shamefully long, and has some true shockers on it, including the likes of Citizen KaneApocalypse Now and Lawrence of Arabia. So, to rid my self of such same and self-contempt, I present to you: ‘Corey’s First Time!’, a new segment to my site where I work through my shame-list and write my thoughts for you to see. After all, our first time should always be memorable.

What films do you swear by that you think I should see? Feel free to let me know in the comments!